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Duct Cleaning Melbourne

You have noticed bad smells in your home and can't find their source? You've been sneezing more than usual? The duct system in your home might need a professional clean. Ducts are rarely cleaned as they are often hard to reach.Many people don't realise how many allergens can build up in the ventilation systems of our own homes. We are here to provide your family with better quality air, by improving the ventilation of your property with our first-class Melbourne duct cleaning services.

We have been delivering the best duct cleaning Melbourne has to offer since the day our company was established. The long list of satisfied clients we have is our proof we are good at our job. When combining our years of experience with our rock-bottom prices, you can be sure the HVAC system of your home will receive the attention it requires.

If you book another service as well - End of Lease CleaningCarpet Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Moving in cleaning you can take advantage of our preferential prices.

More information about the Duct cleaning:

A cleaning and sanitizing service for duct or air conditioning based home climate systems in Australia. The service is unlimited in time with no additional costs. It includes thorough cleaning of the Air Return intake, dust and filter. Also, deep cleaning of all duct lines and their register grills and filter. Cleaning the main units interior, fan blades, motor and filter when they are accessible. As well as that, sanitizing the entire system via all available and accessible points. Dusting and washing of the bathroom exhaust vent can also be booked separately.

The service is developed precisely to restore proper ventilation thereby ensuring hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ) far exceeding industry standards. Our team will first inspect your property and air conditioning system and will confirm the correct price before starting the service. For each duct register, the cleaners will remove the grill, insert the pressure hose, place the service cover and plug the vacuum line. Once they switch the system on, you will be able to see how they blast the particles from inside the duct line out to to the vacuum line. After that they will pull the system out, wipe clean the inlet entry, grill cover and deep clean any integrated particle filters.

Finally, a sanitizer will be applied deep inside the duct to protect it against mold and other organic contaminants. If access is provided, our professional cleaners will also open your main system unit and clean it from the inside via the main access panel. They will remove all the accumulated dust and wipe clean all surfaces including the rotor blades. Insides are sanitised, too.

Order in which the different parts of the Duct cleaning are done:

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They could also clean your window blinds with professional equipment while they are at your property at a preferential rate.


Here are the most common questions about Duct cleaning:

Q: How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?
A: It is recommended to have your air conditioning system cleaned once or twice a year.

Q: What are the sources of air duct contamination?
A: The inside air was once outside air. Therefore, the dust, pollen, insects and other harmful substances in the outside air can be pulled into the air system. Cooking smoke, household insect sprays, personal care products, construction materials and many other things are also a source of pollutants.

Q: Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs?
A: Depending on the amount of contamination and its location, energy consumption could be increased. When the control components of the system are get contaminated, the system has to run much longer to cool or heat the space.

Q: I’m noticing an odour that comes from my ducting. Will having the ducts cleaned address that?
A: Yes, removing the debris from your ducts often solves that problem. We also have duct deodorizing options that will eliminate persistent duct odours.

You can check more of these on our FAQ page.

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